Surface Protection Dust Control Tapes Window Protection Dust Poles Etc.

Surface Protection

Surface Protection, Dust Control, Tapes, Window Protection,Dust Poles Etc.

Temporary Construction Shoe Covers, Window Protection, Tub Protection, Dust Control Poles, Tapes, , Construction Door Zippers, Door Jamb Protection, Corner Protection, the options are endless.

24 different products (tons of different sizes) that are all designed to help YOU, on your job site.

Why Pro Tect? Superior surface protection, in stock, that ships the same day (by 3:00 pm central). Call us at  1-800-545-0826 with any questions.

Every construction professional knows that reliable surface protection on work sites is not optional!  We started out as custom home builders, ourselves. We know what it takes to keep construction sites safe, efficient, and successful. 

Most importantly, PROFITABLE.

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