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New and Improved Finished Floor Guard by Pro Tect.  More Breathable, Longer Lasting, Non-Slip, Safer Adhesive.  We know, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.  We couldn’t pass this up, Quality has always been Pro Tect’s #1 priority.

  • No tape, No hassle Hardwood Stair and Hardwood Floor Protection
  • Provides up to 100 days of protection. Stays in place and helps protect from dirt, scratches, paint spills, and foot traffic.
  • Durable, breathable, reusable
  • Designed for high-traffic areas and high-risk floor surfaces that need extra protection.
  • Excellent for counter-tops and finished surfaces that need protection. Simply cut to size and press in place.

Product Description

Hardwood Floor Stair Protection Finished Floor Guard

Pro Tect’s Finished Floor Guard is quickly becoming one of the most popular Floor Protection products in our line up.  It is the perfect protection for wood stairs along with hardwood floors, tile, granite, marble and counter-tops.  Finished Floor Guard stays in place to help protect against scratches, paint pills, and foot traffic without the use of tape.

Durable, breathable, and can be reused, Finished Floor Guard is designed for high-traffic areas and high risk floor surfaces that need that extra protection.  Reverse wound for easy installation, simply cut to size, press into place and you are good to go.

How and why does Finished Floor Guard work:

There is a light sprayed adhesive on the bottom of the Finished Floor Guard that helps to keep it in place.  This gets rid of the need for tape when you are protecting your hardwood stairs.  It is breathable because of the fabric that is used isn’t solid and allows for air to escape.  It’s plastic top will help stop spills from soaking through.  While it is really popular for hardwood stair protection we have a lot of customers that use it to protect counter tops, tile, marble, grante and other smooth surfaces.

Floor  Protection Installation made easy:

Start at the top of the stairs and fit into place as you go down.  Once you are at the bottom we suggest that you walk up and down the stairs a couple of times to set the floor protection in place.  The adhesive isn’t too aggressive so the more you walk on it the better it stays in place.

Finished Floor Guard MSDS

Short Pro Tect Finished Floor Guard Installation

Detailed Pro Tect Finished Floor Guard Installation

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