Pro Tect® Traffic Guard

heavy duty floor protection


  • OSHA Orange, heavy-duty protection
  • 13, 25, and 40 mil. thickness 3′ and 6′ width
  • Fire Rated
  • Used in the Marine, Industrial, Commercial, Residential Industry
  • When you need to protect concrete Traffic Guard is the way to go

Product Description

Traffic Guard Floor Protection:

 Floor Protection has just gotten durable, flame retardant, and serious:

Pro Tect’s Traffic Guard is a fire retardant floor and wall covering that can protect all kinds of hard and soft floor surfaces while you are on the job.  Excellent for protecting counter-tops, cabinets, wainscots, protect concrete finishes, brick, stone, terrazzo, tiles and resilient floors.  Traffic Guard floor protection can be found on hospital jobs, office jobs, gov. projects, Institutional structures, you name it.

OSHA Orange, make a statement, it lets your customer know you take your floor protection seriously.  Traffic Guard comes in 13 mil., 25 mil., and 40 mil. thickness, 36″ and 72″ widths.  We made sure to keep the rolls manageable so you don’t have to be worried about who or how many people are need to install it.

Concrete, finished or unfinished Traffic Guard Floor Protection is a must have:

Pro Tect just got done providing North Americas largest prision build with Traffic Guard. Every inch of finished and unfinished concrete was protected with 40 mil. Traffic Guard Floor Protection.  If you are installing or have to protect concrete give Pro Tect’s Traffic Guard a try, you won’t be disappointed.

Hey boat folks:

Traffic Guard is all over the boating industry.  From large Navel, cruise, leisure ships to your local marina, Traffic Guard protecting decks from damage and exposure.

Traffic Guard 13 Mil MSDS

Traffic Guard 25 Mil MSDS

Traffic Guard 40 Mil MSDS

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