Carpet Protector/life span of your carpet

Carpet Protector/life span of your carpet

Carpet Protector,  Carpet Adhesive Film made for the Pro’s, used by anyone that cares for their carpet.

Carpet Protection Film can increase the life of your carpet.  How, carpet protection helps protect against traffic patterns.

It is far too easy to take something dependable for granted. This is true in many cases, especially for homeowners and their home fixtures. It’s easy to forget about your home’s features when they’re functioning properly and looking presentable. However, when your carpet begins to show its age, you start to notice.

The often ignored truth is that carpet has lifespan, a very definitive shelf life. Based on where you live, how much you use it, and how well you maintain it, carpet can either live until a ripe old age or wear out prematurely.

The general lifespan of carpet is anywhere between 8 to 10 years. However, you can tweak those numbers if you have the right information. Here is a brief look at how long carpets can last under certain conditions and what to do when your carpet needs to be revived.

Light Traffic Areas

Light traffic carpet areas sustain the least amount of usage and, therefore, wear and tear. Spaces that are not usually visited (like a formal dining room) or any room that simply cannot accommodate a lot of foot traffic can be considered light traffic areas.

You can probably infer that the carpet installations in these spaces last much longer because it is not consistently tromped upon – and you would be completely correct. Popular carpet installations for such areas include plush or textured plush choices. While on the higher end of cost, plush carpets are less likely to replaced when not constantly subjected to foot traffic.

Medium Traffic Areas

Medium traffic carpets endure a bit more usage than rarely used areas. However, these spaces are not subject to the constant pounding of feet and other objects on an endless basis either.

Medium traffic areas include bedrooms, living rooms and other places in a home or business that may be visited daily, yet only during specific hours. Popular carpet choices for medium traffic areas include multi-fiber and polyesters because each is competently durable under constant usage. That means these carpet varieties are meant to last longer under foot traffic, but not meant to endure persistent use.

High Traffic Areas

High traffic carpet areas may be the easiest to envision because you cross these floor thresholds constantly. Entryways and hallways are both considered high traffic because people are always walking through. These are also the spaces where carpet needs the most attention and durable material for maximizing floor covering lifespans.

Berber, level loop, and frieze are practical options for carpet types in such spaces because each can withstand a heavy usage. As each is durable under high-traffic conditions, it is worth investing into installing because these particular varieties are specifically created to last as long as possible during heavy usage.

Regional Concerns

Carpet is a popular flooring choice no matter where you live. From the Southwestern desert to the frigid Upper Midwest, carpet remains the treat of worn feet in every part of the country. Yet, region does have an impact on a carpet’s lifespan.

Snowbound areas are subject to cold, watery footwear and constant cleaning of winter weather elements. Carpets in rainy regions must deal with wet conditions and subsequent cleanings. Regions that encounter dry and hot conditions on a regular basis may also have carpets that are often exposed to frequent air conditioning and dryness.

With the exception of areas with traditionally moderate climates, it is important to factor regional weather conditions into a carpet’s lifespan and plan accordingly.


To increase the lifespan of your carpet, and to keep your home clean and safe, there are a number of ways to maintain your carpet.

Vacuuming is a basic and effective way to maintain the look and feel of your carpet. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum once per week. Also, consider vacuuming more often and more thoroughly in high-traffic areas.

Shampooing your carpet is an important part of ongoing maintenance that will not only help the carpet last longer, but also give it a complete refresh. Soil and debris left behind by regular vacuuming can sit in your carpet for months, damaging the fiber and dirtying your home.

Generally, you should deep clean your carpet every 12 to 18 months. You can hire professional carpet cleaners, or do it yourself with the proper equipment. However, be careful, as over-shampooing or over-wetting your carpet may cause more damage.

Carpet Guards and Protection
In some cases you may want to consider using carpet guards for extra floor protection. If your home is undergoing renovation, or if your pets are damaging your carpet, carpet guards offer an easy and affordable solution to protect the quality of your carpet beneath a thick layer of strong material.

How to Know When Your Carpet Needs Replacement

Some stains are more difficult to remove than others. Even professional carpet cleaners can’t remove all stains, especially those that penetrate deeper than the carpet surface and onto the padding below.

If an odor remains even after thorough cleaning, this suggests the odor has gotten deep into carpet fibers, or even the padding or subfloor below. Consider replacing your carpet, as this level of damage may indicate mold and mildew growth, which can be dangerous for you and your family.

Increased Allergy Symptoms
Older carpet tends to retain more allergens and other particles, which may cause an increase in allergy symptoms. If you notice your allergies acting up more than usual, one cause may be your carpet.

Old age
If your carpet is older than 10 years, or it’s showing significant signs of wear and tear, it may be time to upgrade.

The Bottom Line

With the proper care, your carpet can keep your home comfortable for up to 10 years. By choosing the right carpet and maintaining it well, you and your family can enjoy your carpet for many years to come.

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