Floor Protection Video Library From Pro Tect

Since 1991 Pro Tect has been a family-owned business dedicated to increasing the efficiency and lowering the construction costs of handymen, contractors, remodelers, homeowners, and construction companies. We have more than thirty years of experience on the office floor at any time in the construction and remodeling industries. We gladly offer unique insights and tips into the the proper usage of carpet protection film, floor protection, & smart dust and dirt strategies that will save you time and money on your next project.

Tacky Mats Installation Guides

Learn How to Install Pro Tect Tacky Mat and  Tacky Mount Mat

Pro Tect Runner Floor Protection Guides

Learn How to Install Runner Floor Protection

Detailed Pro Tect Finished Floor Guard Installation Guides

Pro Tect Finished Floor Guard Installation Guides

Short Pro Tect Finished Floor Guard Installation

Pro Tect Hardboard Installation Guides



Carpet Film Installation Using Dispenser Guides

Pro Tect Carpet Protection Down Stairs with Dispenser

Carpet Film Installation Down Stairs by Hand


Detailed Tub Spray Installation Guides

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Putting Together the Carpet Film Dispenser Guides

Assemble & Using Pro Tect Film Dispenser

Pro Tect general products

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