Surface Protection for Windows, Doors, Tubs, and much more

Tub Protection, Door Protection, Window Protection, Dust Control Products, Tapes, Drapes, Partitions, and more…

Surface Protection for Windows, Doors, Tubs, and much more.  Surface Protection is a must for every construction professional. In fact, Surface Protection has become an international term and Pro Tect is proud to say we ship Surface Protection internationally on a daily bases.  Tradesman know that reliable surface protection on the work site is not optional.

We started out as custom home builders, ourselves. We know what it takes to keep construction sites safe, efficient,successful and last but not least, PROFITABLE.   That is why we offer 24 different products (in many different sizes) that are all designed to help you on your job site.

Popular products includeTemporary Construction Shoe Covers, Window Protection Film, Liquid Mask Tub Protection, Dust Control Poles, Blue Tape, Construction Door Zippers, Door Jamb Protection, Corner Protection, and many more. Just Scroll Down!


Fast answers to your Surface Protection questions are a phone call away!

“I will never get rid of my floor protection tarps. I use Pro Tect® Pre-Taped Drape for covering walls, pillars, furniture and cabinets. There is nothing on the market like it.”

Keith Morey

President, Morey Painting LLC

“Pro Tect’s Finished Floor Guard has changed the way I protect my job sites. I use it everywhere, from wood stairs and floor to countertops”

Josh Dolby

President, Dolby Development

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